Church Alive

Church Alive is a creative and informal service for adults, children and all ages. It is built around music and creativity, fun and friendship, worship and reflection, and nurture and communion. 

Our music style tends towards worship songs, with a smattering of traditional songs as well. These are led by our Church Alive music group.

Each week there are four learning areas:

  • Creative all age: a theme based learning area suitable for all ages
  • Reflective space: a quiet area often using images and reflections
  • Bible Study/Discussion: an opportunity to explore and discuss the scripture reading for the week
  • Prayer Board: an opportunity to share prayer requests

On first Sundays in the month we celebrate Holy Communion. All are welcome to receive the bread and wine of Communion, and children are welcome to receive a grape and a blessing.

What happens at Church Alive?

People often arrive early for refreshments in a buzzing church! Following on from our earlier Parish Eucharist, please come in and enjoy a coffee, tea, squash, and biscuits and sometimes there are cakes as well (donations welcome) and meet and chat with others.

Church Alive starts at 11am with a gathering song. We then light a candle and say our Church Alive prayer. The theme for the day is introduced and a bible reading is presented. 

For about 20 minutes we explore the day’s theme through the various learning areas set up around the church. You are free to visit any area although you probably won’t be able to visit every one! Refreshments are available throughout the morning and children can move around freely.

After about 20 minutes, a song indicates that we gather back together. There are prayers and a time of celebration together based on today’s theme. On first Sundays in the month we celebrate Holy Communion at this point. 

We sing a final song and if there are any Baptism families, we welcome them and they receive a Baptism candle.

Church Alive concludes with a prayer of Blessing and sharing of the Peace before we go out ‘to love and serve the Lord’.

Church Alive