What do you think? The Church Council would like your view

We have a big church, but all the space is taken up with pews.  There is so much seating that at Sunday services, weddings, funerals and baptisms even with a good-sized congregation the church can often feel empty which is a shame.   The back of church often gets very congested between services and there isn’t enough room at the front for our Church Alive Bible study group or TAIZE services.

So, the PCC are considering removing 1 pew each side from the front of church and 3 pews each side from the back of church.   This would create a really good size space at the back for circulating after services.  It would create a less intimidating entrance for those who might be unsure about entering the church and would give more space for leaflets and information.  A bigger welcome area would be useful for fayres and events and could be used for meetings and church groups if the hall isn’t free.  Tables and chairs could be put out to create a little ‘café too.   With less pews available the congregation would sit closer together which improves singing and makes the church feel fuller.  For well attended services (Remembrance/Christingle) chairs from the hall could be set out.  The pews could be put along the church walls for additional seating although a couple would likely need to be sold.  

The PCC would love to know your views.  Please tell us whether you support this or not.  Please speak to Vicky, Linda, the church wardens or any PCC members by 20 January as the church council will be discussing this at their meeting the following day.