Our faith

Regular services

You will find a broad variety of services from our Choral Parish Eucharist to our contemporary Church Alive service, and quieter said services on Wednesday mornings. Whatever your preference, our desire is to create beautiful worship that is life giving and draws us closer to the love of God made known in Jesus Christ. 

Sunday 8.00am
(Last Sunday of each month)

A quieter service using traditional language
Approx 40 minutes

Sunday 9.30am

A sung service with choral music led by our choir 
Pathfinders for children during term time
Approx 1 hour

Sunday 11.00am

Contemporary, interactive for adults and children  
On first Sundays of the month Church Alive is with Holy Communion
Approx 1 hour

Sunday 9.30am
Term time

Our Children’s Church 
for those aged 4 and above

Sunday 6.30pm

1st Sundays: Sung Evensong with choir
2nd Sundays (odd months):  Prayer & Reflection
2nd Sundays (even months): Prayers for Healing and Wholeness
3rd Sundays: Sung Evensong with choir
4th Sundays: Informal Worship with Folk Group
5th Sundays: Taizé Service

Wednesday 10.00am 

A quieter service in the Lady Chapel

Our faith and vision

We nurture faith and discipleship.
We provide a welcoming space.
We develop loving faith and action in our local communities.
We belong together in Christ.

Alongside those in need through prayer, a listening ear and acting as channels of God’s love

A collection of talks by our Ministry Team

A few key areas we as a parish will look to develop over the next few years

Life events

We celebrate life’s special moments, and life itself

Our faith