HOPE Lent Appeal 40-4-40

This year we are inviting people to a give 40p for 40 days…

This challenge can be undertaken in several different ways and is looking to support the work of the local Basics Bank.

1.  You could put 40p each day in a pot or jar. At the end of Lent you could either bring the money to church or use it to buy goods to be donated to the Basics Bank. 2. More challenging is that each day you shop for items that cost 40p to create a stock of goods to bring to church. Or maybe after two or three days use your 40p’s to buy a larger item to donate.

Of course, the idea of 40p a day fits nicely with the 40 days of Lent, but please don’t feel restricted to that amount. Any offering will be gratefully received. All of the goods and money should be brought to church on Easter Sunday (or just beforehand if you have several items) to be blessed before we pass them on to the Basics Bank. Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting this appeal.