Friends of St James’ Church

Our aim is to raise funds and motivate interest in the history, heritage and preservation of St James’ Church. To this end, the Friends will be wholeheartedly supporting the efforts of the Project Aurora fundraising. This means, for the time being,

  • Friends will remain inactive in order for fundraising to be focused on raising monies for the completion of Project Aurora
  •  no subscriptions will be collected for 2020-2021
  • monies already collected from past subscriptions and events can continue to be used as directed by the PCC
  • the PCC will review annually whether to relaunch or end the Friends of St James' Church
  • if Friends is relaunched, the PCC may decide to revise its aims

Thank you for all the past support. The group has been successful in fundraising and outreach. It is thanks to your generosity and engagement that various projects have been achieved, and concerts and quizzed have brought together people of all ages from our parish and further afield including north Hampshire and Dorset.

In the meantime, instead of the £10 annual subscription to Friends, please give Project Aurora your full support! 

How have we used our funds to help St James'?

Since our launch in June 2011, we have either paid for, or made a substantial donations towards, the following:


Completion of the South path


Refurbishment of toilet facilities

Refurbishment of WW1 plaque


Replacement West Door Lantern

125th Anniversary Seat


A new Nave Altar


Nativity figures