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Why is the crib still up in church?

We spent 4 weeks waiting, watching and preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus during Advent (while the secular world got on and celebrated!). We now spend all of January celebrating the birth, looking back to Christmas, until the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple as a 40 day old baby on 2 February. The crib remains in church during this time as a central focus. This season called Epiphany celebrates who this child is.  Today we celebrate his baptism as an adult by John the Baptist, an event when God reveals that Jesus ‘is my Son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased’.

Mustard Seeds

Next Sunday (1 December) we are starting a younger children’s group called Mustard Seeds during the 9.30am service to run alongside Pathfinders.  This will be worship, storytelling and activities for little ones under the age of 6.  For more info speak to Jan Barratt or Sarah Langridge. 

Morning Prayer

On the first Thursday of each month during 9am Morning Prayer the many prayer cards that are placed on the prayer board in the Lady Chapel are read aloud. The following Sunday a special prayer is said over them at the altar before the cards are placed in special albums. If you are unable to get to church or know someone who would like a prayer placed on the board, please let the Ministry Team know your prayer request at It would be our privilege to pray for you and to place a prayer card on the Lady Chapel board on your behalf. Carol Kidd