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Younger Children’s Group

From 1 December 2019 during 9.30am Service

From 1 December we are starting a younger children’s group during the 9.30am service, to run alongside pathfinders. More information to follow.

Get ready for Christmas

Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags etc will be on sale for General funds in the hall after the 9.30am service from Sunday 17 November onwards. Come and get your Christmas supplies whilst also supporting the Church. For more information see Margaret.

Easy Fundraising

Thank you all for your continued support for Project Aurora through online shopping through the EasyFundraising online shopping portal. So far we have raised over £260 by people just making their online purchases using this link

When buying this way, you do not pay any extra for your purchase, but St James’ benefit from the donation that the individual online retailers make to our cause. Be reassured that by shopping this way you will not be inundated with unwanted sales emails or spam, so please do consider using this ‘add on’ when doing your online Christmas or holiday shopping. If you have any concerns or queries about EasyFundraising please just get in touch, thanks, Helen Wiseman 07787 511 625

Red & gold stall items

Can you find as many objects that are coloured red or gold or both red and gold for our stall at the Christmas Fayre? Unusual or inexpensive donations welcomed. If it’s got red or gold on its label we’ll take it! We already have a robin, a tea towel, candle and several Kit Kats! Have fun finding things. Linda, Sally and Betty

Churchyard tidy

23 November 2019 starting at 9.30am

Time for our Church Yard Autumn tidy! All help is most welcome. Cheerleaders are also needed to keep everyone supplied with hot drinks and encouragement.  For more information see Rachel.

Speedwell Court

Third Wednesday of each month
10.30am – 12 noon

The new residential home, Speedwell Court on Mansbridge Road, is looking to organise some Community Events to which people are very welcome to go along to. One such event is a Community Café Morning which will be held on the third Wednesday of each month from 10.30am until 12 noon. See poster and flyers at back of church for more details.

Morning Prayer

On the first Thursday of each month during 9am Morning Prayer the many prayer cards that are placed on the prayer board in the Lady Chapel are read aloud. The following Sunday a special prayer is said over them at the altar before the cards are placed in special albums. If you are unable to get to church or know someone who would like a prayer placed on the board, please let the Ministry Team know your prayer request at It would be our privilege to pray for you and to place a prayer card on the Lady Chapel board on your behalf. Carol Kidd

Christmas Fayre Plea

Our Christmas Fayre is being held on Saturday 30 November at 11.30am. We really need donations of chocolatey items for the chocolate tombola – no matter how big or small, any empty jewellery display boxes for the craft stall, raffle prizes, good quality toys, empty jam jars, empty clean wine bottles with screw top lids and labels removed for the wine or water stall plus some full wine bottles too please! There are quite a few stalls that still need an organiser so please look at the sign up board at the back of church with a list of stalls for people to add their names too, and boxes for your donations. Thank you. Jan.

Current & Cakes

Saturday 16 November 2019 3pm

Join Captain Noel Becket on Saturday 16 November at 3pm for a fascinating talk about ships and pilotage in Southampton, accompanied by delicious cakes and tea. All proceeds towards Project Aurora.

The 200 Club

The first draw took place on Friday 19 July and the winners were as follows: 1st Prize Mike O’Brien; 2nd Prize Rita Payne; 3rd Prize Mike O’Brien. Congratulations to the winners next time it could be you!  

Help raise regular funds for Project Aurora and be in with a chance to win a prize each month. Why not support our fundraising by becoming a member of the 200 Club? Monthly contributions will go toward raising funds for Project Aurora, and you will also be entered in a draw to win one of three prizes. Not less than 55% of the monthly payments will go toward Project Aurora, the rest will be paid out in prize money.

Which means:
For each £5 membership at least £2.75 will be added to the fund.
Over a year this will bring in a minimum of £33 per person.
If there are 50 member this would be £1,650 pa.
And 100 members would raise £3,300 p.a.
With full 200 members this would increase to a fantastic £6,600 p.a.

Pick up an application form today or speak to Revd Linda Galvin for more details.


This simple way of raising funds for Project Aurora when you make purchases online at no extra cost to you, is starting to pay dividends. So far we have 15 supporters and have managed to raise £80.85 simply by clicking to activate a donation when they bought items. If you would like to become one of these supporters then go to