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Parish Magazine electronic copy

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are not able to produce our monthly magazine in its usual paper format. However, we have managed to transfer this to an online magazine in the form of a PDF which is attached. If you do not have an Acrobat Reader (which is needed to be able to open and read the document) on your computer already you can install one by going to this page which offers a free download

We understand that not every one on our list of subscribers will receive a copy as we do not hold an email address for them, but we are also making it available to download here under these exceptional circumstance until such time as we can return to printing out the full magazine.

Do pass on this information to anyone you may know who would normally receive a magazine, and if they have an email address ask them to contact us at so that they can be added to our distribution list
In the meantime, take care and stay safe

St James’ Magazine Team

Coronavirus Update

Our Church continues to be alive and active. But following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23rd March, our church building is now closed, and our church services are suspended. 

We continue to worship and pray at home, and to care for each other and all in our community through phone calls, e-mails and practical support.  

If you would like prayer (or other support) for you or someone else, please get in touch via e-mail or phone.
Vicar:  Rev’d Vicky Maunder 07762 673350
Associate Priest:  Rev’d Linda Galvin 07934 419302
LLM and Pastoral Coordinator: Carol Kidd  07842 244876

Our ministry team are praying at home at 8.30am and 4pm each day. Please do pray at these times, if you can, knowing you are praying with others in our church community.  

We are providing material each week for Sunday worship at home. Please find that here.

If you’d like to receive regular e-mails from the church with prayers and reflections, please contact Rev’d Vicky.  

It’s a difficult and upsetting time for us all. But these measures are to keep everyone safe and to protect the vulnerable amongst us. This phase in our national and local life won’t last forever. The church is the people, not the building and God promises to be with us wherever we are. So let’s keep positive and offer love, care and hope to others by staying at home and only going out for essential trips.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength . . . Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Stations of the Cross

Friday 13 March 7pm
Friday 27 March 7pm – Cancelled
Monday 6 April at 7pm – Cancelled

These devotional services reflect on the day of Jesus crucifixion to help us enter into a deeper appreciation of this journey. . Instead of the traditional reflection and prayer at 14 images around the church that tell the story of his journey to the cross, Carol has recorded the devotionals to be used as private prayers. New contents are made available daily for the 14 days leading up to Good Friday on the Church’s YouTube playlist.

HOPE Lent Appeal 40-4-40

This year we are inviting people to a give 40p for 40 days…

This challenge can be undertaken in several different ways and is looking to support the work of the local Basics Bank.

1.  You could put 40p each day in a pot or jar. At the end of Lent you could either bring the money to church or use it to buy goods to be donated to the Basics Bank. 2. More challenging is that each day you shop for items that cost 40p to create a stock of goods to bring to church. Or maybe after two or three days use your 40p’s to buy a larger item to donate.

Of course, the idea of 40p a day fits nicely with the 40 days of Lent, but please don’t feel restricted to that amount. Any offering will be gratefully received. All of the goods and money should be brought to church on Easter Sunday (or just beforehand if you have several items) to be blessed before we pass them on to the Basics Bank. Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting this appeal.

Project Aurora

We have some great news!  We have found a more affordable way to move forward with the project and the work will be divided into phases.  The PCC have authorised the first phase to be carried out early in the new year.  LED lamps will be fitted into the original high-level light fittings to improve the lighting in the church.  Further phases will include additional lighting particularly in the chancel, a new AV system and high-level decoration of the church.   Further fundraising will still be needed but the works are likely to cost less than half what we originally thought. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support and fundraising efforts.

Mustard Seeds

Next Sunday (1 December) we are starting a younger children’s group called Mustard Seeds during the 9.30am service to run alongside Pathfinders.  This will be worship, storytelling and activities for little ones under the age of 6.  For more info speak to Jan Barratt or Sarah Langridge. 

Easy Fundraising

Thank you all for your continued support for Project Aurora through online shopping through the EasyFundraising online shopping portal. So far we have raised over £260 by people just making their online purchases using this link

When buying this way, you do not pay any extra for your purchase, but St James’ benefit from the donation that the individual online retailers make to our cause. Be reassured that by shopping this way you will not be inundated with unwanted sales emails or spam, so please do consider using this ‘add on’ when doing your online Christmas or holiday shopping. If you have any concerns or queries about EasyFundraising please just get in touch, thanks, Helen Wiseman 07787 511 625

Open Church

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9am – 3pm
Sundays between services

Our beautiful church is open at the above times for people to visit. Do pop in if you are passing. Unfortunately it won’t be possible to light a candle if the church is unattended.

Morning Prayer

On the first Thursday of each month during 9am Morning Prayer the many prayer cards that are placed on the prayer board in the Lady Chapel are read aloud. The following Sunday a special prayer is said over them at the altar before the cards are placed in special albums. If you are unable to get to church or know someone who would like a prayer placed on the board, please let the Ministry Team know your prayer request at It would be our privilege to pray for you and to place a prayer card on the Lady Chapel board on your behalf. Carol Kidd

The 200 Club

The first draw took place on Friday 19 July and the winners were as follows: 1st Prize Mike O’Brien; 2nd Prize Rita Payne; 3rd Prize Mike O’Brien. Congratulations to the winners next time it could be you!  

Help raise regular funds for Project Aurora and be in with a chance to win a prize each month. Why not support our fundraising by becoming a member of the 200 Club? Monthly contributions will go toward raising funds for Project Aurora, and you will also be entered in a draw to win one of three prizes. Not less than 55% of the monthly payments will go toward Project Aurora, the rest will be paid out in prize money.

Which means:
For each £5 membership at least £2.75 will be added to the fund.
Over a year this will bring in a minimum of £33 per person.
If there are 50 member this would be £1,650 pa.
And 100 members would raise £3,300 p.a.
With full 200 members this would increase to a fantastic £6,600 p.a.

Pick up an application form today or speak to Revd Linda Galvin for more details.