1. Jesus is condemned to death

Pilate asked the crowds: “What shall I do with Jesus called the Messiah?”

“Crucify him!” they all answered.

But Pilate asked: “What crime has he committed?”

Then they started shouting at the top of their voices: ‘Crucify him!’ When Pilate saw that it was no use to go on, but that a riot might break out, he took some water, washed his hands in front of the crowd, and said: ‘I am not responsible for the death of this man!’

Matthew 27: 22 24 Good News Translation

Reflection: Pilate washed his hands of any blame.

Innocent Jesus you stood silent in the face of false accusation and were falsely condemned. Faced with decisions that affect the lives of others do we sometimes wash our hands of responsibility? Or do we speak out for those falsely accused and let our faith be shown?

Lord, may we be known as your disciples through our reactions and actions, not just when in church or with other Christians, but in our homes, workplaces , among our friends and when with strangers.

May we ever seek to speak out for people who through no fault of their own are condemned to lives of oppression and feel the world has washed its hands of them and abandoned them to an unjust fate.

We adore you O Christ and we bless you
Because by your holy Cross you have redeemed the world